Feedback from Schools

“Our Science Department put course syllabi, class notes, homework, and quizzes and tests online using rSchoolToday and saved $3000 in one trimester on paper and printing alone.”
Rita Anderson, Teacher/Web Administrator
Eagan High School, Eagan MN

“It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend the rSchoolToday website. Two years ago, our site was not much more than one page of photos and our mission statement. Now, through the use of rSchoolToday, and the expertise of the rSchoolToday staff, we have a full functioning, interactive website. Our teacher can post homework and class notes in just a few minutes. We have a parent who routinely writes about our basketball team and submits items to the website. The software is easy to understand even for the novice user. The service is exceptional and enhancements always come with explanation, making it easy for a Technology Director to disseminate to the faculty.”
Susan Lamparter, Technology Director
St. Joseph High School, Chicago, IL

“Going with rSchoolToday was the best decision we’ve made. It is great!”
Cindy Ziegler, Technology Coordinator,
Cochrane-Fountain City Schools, WI
“The rSchoolToday software allows us to do the one thing that keeps most schools from having a dynamic website: broad-base publishing. With rSchoolToday, we now have over 70 teachers, 40 parents and even a few students who publish directly to our website. This keeps our website current and vital for our community.”
Sue Kasdorf, Teacher/Web Administrator
Eagan High School, Eagan MN
“You folks are doing a marvelous job with rSchoolToday. Keep up the good work!”
Dan Hislop, English Teacher
Sibley-East High School, Arlington, MN

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