What do our clients say about Class Registration & Facilities Scheduler?
“We are amazed & awed by the rSchoolToday Facilities Scheduler and Class Registration Programs and the continuing progress they have made. Keep up the great work!!”
Robyn Kieffer, Facility SchedulerWinona Area Public Schools, Winona, MN
“I just wanted to let you know that all the HARD WORK that you and your staff does is so appreciated. I can tell that you do it for the love of it, not always the money, and in society today you just don't find many people that work out of passion. Thanks again for all of your hard work, dedication and patience. You are greatly appreciated.”
Andrea Gauthier, Facilities Coordinator,
Glencoe-Silver Lake School District


“rSchoolToday is so much easier and faster to use than past online programs we had. Now, 1/3 of our registrations are people registering online by themselves!! Great to have Community Ed and Athletics talking on the same page! For a small office with few staff the Class Registration and Facilities programs are huge time savers. It’s very nice to be able to email our instructors class lists ahead of time. rSchoolToday being online came in very handy when our district was snowed in as I could access all the information I needed from home.”
Joan Audette, Community Ed. Secretary
North Branch Public Schools, North Branch, MN
“We have always had a summer registration day and we open our office early (7 am) and remain open until 5 pm. When we would get here there was always a long line from our doorway out to the front door. Last year people were yelling at us because we took so long to register.  This year, we advertised "Don't stand in line, register online."  Well, we got to work this morning at 7 am and there was NO ONE at our door or in a line of any sort and we had over 260 registrations during the night.  We took in over $10,500 while we slept!! We are still in a state of shock! If you were here you would be getting hugs from three grateful women who now have time to do other Community Education business!!! This went just great! Thank you and you have a great day! We are!”
Marcia Provenchur, Community Ed. Director
Litchfield, MN
“You guys do a wonderful job. Thanks for always listening to our suggestions.”
Lori Nienow, Community Education
Plainview-Elgin-Millville Community School, MN
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